New Celtic Cross

Copyright (C) Ruth Perry 2009
New Celtic Cross

New Celtic Cross


4 Responses to “New Celtic Cross”

  1. Sue Anna Scribner(tat19540) Says:

    I don’t know if I’d add a row, unless you make it the center for a larger project. It is a lovely cross.

  2. Donna McDade Says:

    Wow. Fantastic. Are you keeping the other blog and/or the other calendar?

    Love your work!!!

  3. ruthperry Says:

    Yes the other sites will stay because they have other things that I want to have available to everyone. So, I’m not moving things, just adding to the new sites. Thanks for the compliments on the cross. The pattern will be on in three parts over the next three days. I think that’s a good way to celebrate Easter, don’t you?

  4. Barbara Gordon Says:

    Very pretty! I think I would add a row, it would help hold it together. Just my opinion….

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