Cross Outline Variation

Copyright 2009 Ruth Perry
Leaf Cross
Leaf Cross

So far the Poll about if the cross needed another row around the outside has proven to be just about the way I feel about it.   Mostly I don’t think it needs an outline especially if it is to be sewn to fabric which would keep everything in place.   But, how about this variation that makes it look like leaves surrounding the Celtic Knot center?  I did it in a more muted shade of the same color and I think that it looks good like this too.


5 Responses to “Cross Outline Variation”

  1. Linda Alexander Says:

    Ruth, wow, I love it. I really liked the cross the way it was but the ouline really makes it look so finished or complete. I also like the color you chose to finish it off, it was a great choice….

  2. tattingchic Says:

    Beautiful cross! Love the celtic knot in the center.

  3. Sue Anna Scribner(tat19540) Says:

    I have to agree- it looks done now. I also like your color choice.

  4. Josephine Says:

    Now THAT is perfect! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

  5. Barbara G Says:

    I like it with the outline. I think it looks more complete now. Thanks..!

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