Heart Shaped Cluny Bug – Copyright (C) 2009 Ruth Perry


Karey Solomon asked me if I could do a heart shaped cluny while we were at Hector Tat Days.  So I did.

This little bug is made from a 10 wrap hanging cluny (my method) that is pointed at the beginning and oval shaped at the top.  When you close the cluny leave a little loop of the weaver thread, then close the loom thread just snug with the wraps even.  Next pull the weaver loop up to the center of the oval and gently pull it down tight to form a heart shape.  This may take some practice to get the heart a pleasant shape.

I tied a square knot to hold the ends from being pulled and ruining the shape of the heart, and then I added an E bead over both thread ends.  I tied a double overhand knot in the thread ends tight against the bead, and then cut the ends to about 1/4th inch.

Thanks Karey!


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  1. Vicki Clarke Says:

    I’m still working on nice and regular clunys…Karey is evil and you’re insane…that’s amazing! Any other shapes?

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