Interesting play with picots – From Rhoda Auld, et. al.

Copyright (C) 2009 Ruth Perry

Copyright (C) 2009 Ruth Perry

Double Picots tatted by tatting the first half of the ds twice, leaving a picot space each time, and then tatting a full ds.  This makes two interlocked picots that may be adjusted for even length.  The single thread picots and split chain stitches add an interesting look.  This kind of reminds me of Chinese knotting when the picots are opened up so that it appears there are three picots by joining over both picots where they interlock.

I’ve recently had my attention drawn to Rhoda Auld’s book:  Tatting the contemporary art of knotting with a shuttle,
Published 1974 by Van Nostrand Reinhold Company a division of Litton Educational Publishing Inc.
ISBN 0-442-20378-0
This is one book I would recommend for every tatter, even though it is out of print they are still available from Amazon booksellers.

And, then this week I have been spending a little time surfing the tatting blogs and found the Dizzy Picot referenced in a blog.  There are several pages in Rhoda Auld’s book on Variation in rings with several examples of techniques to make different looking rings.  One of these is truly the same as the Balanced Double Stitch that I independently discovered and documented last year. 

I was able to obtain a copy of Mrs. Auld’s book this past week, and am finding it very interesting indeed!  Pure genius!!

One of the ring variations diagramed shows twisting the hand ring thread many times and then inserting the shuttle through the loop of twisted thread.  If you only twist the thread 3 times and leave a picot’s space before and after – it is the same as the Dizzy Picot !!!

Below are some rings tatted with Dizzy Picots and then single thread joined to the end loops of the Dizzy P as was done above with the interlocked double picots.  These are what happens if you only twist the hand ring thread two times instead of three.  ( or make the 1st half ds twice )

Copyright (C) 2009 Ruth Perry

Copyright (C) 2009 Ruth Perry

Interesting looks – Enjoy playing with these and feel free to use the ideas.  Ideas Freely Shared.  Images are copyrighted.


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