Tatted Celtic Picot Butterflies

Copyright (C) 2009 Ruth Perry

Copyright (C) 2009 Ruth Perry

The Celtic Knot picot shown on the right above turns into a butterfly when you join to it as shown on the left.  It is not too difficult to construct. 
It is the same Celtic knot as the earring in Celtic Tatting Knots & Patterns, just done in single thread using two shuttles for a chain, or reverse wrapped ring with one shuttle.

4 Responses to “Tatted Celtic Picot Butterflies”

  1. tattingchic Says:


    I have no idea what you just said, Ruth! It sure looks pretty and that has to be the fanciest picot I’ve ever seen! 🙂

  2. Clyde Says:

    I love it Ruth. Where ever do you come up with all these wonderful ideas.

  3. Linda Barnes Says:

    awesome picots! I was at the Yorktown Victory Center, Yorktown, VA this past weekend and they had your book “Easy Tatting” for sale in the gift shop…just wanted to let you know,if you already didn’t?
    Happy Tatting!
    in Virginia :O)

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