Holly Berry Snowflake

Copyright (C) 2009 Ruth Perry

HollySnowflake-wHere is a Holiday Snowflake that is fast and easy… sort of.  Put 23 seed beads appropriate size for your thread on the shuttle, cut from ball and leave about 2′ of tail before beginning the center.

It can be made with a SCMR in the center with rings thrown off.  The five thrown off rings are all the same:

Ring1 (3 – 4 3 up beads, 1 down bead 4 – 3 )  Repeat with the first picot being a join on rings 2 to 5.


There are 4 stitches on the center ring between the thrown off rings.

You could also put beads on the joining picots if you like.

The way I did it is a little different.  I don’t like mock rings, so I always tat REVERSE RINGS instead of the mock ring.  You may notice that this center ring is a bit fatter than the others, that’s because it is a “self padded ring”  There are three cores to this one ring.  To do that wrap the thread around your left hand three times then tat reverse double stitches [ second half first, first half second & no flip ]  like the second half of a split ring SRDS or split ring double stitch or RDS reverse double stitch.  It’s a lot of terms for one concept, but anyway…  This gives the core some bulk.

To close a triple core reverse ring:  Pull the tail a couple of inches to identify the outside core loop.  Pull the outside core loop thread to identify the middle core loop.  Pull the middle core loop to close the inside core loop.  Then pull the outside core loop to close the middle core loop.  It’s easy to tell which loop is which because of the size of the middle core loop after you close the inner core loop.  More than 3 cores doesn’t look good, and is difficult to close.

Finally pull the tail to close the outside core loop.  This is like closing the Beaded Double Core Reverse Ring, but there is an extra core to close.  Instructions for the BDCRR are in the Butterfly Garden Book.

Once the center ring is closed tat the final split ring of the snowflake.  Split Ring with a bead in the hand ring ( 3 +  4 / 3 + 4 )  When this ring is closed the bead will be on the core thread at the top of the ring.  Slide the last two beads down the shuttle thread,  then put one more bead on the tail, and put the tail thread through the last bead on the shuttle thread, but from the opposite side.

At this point I cut the shuttle thread and the tail so they are about 2′ long and tie them in a square knot, then I make twisted cord for the bookmark.

These would also make pretty pendent or earrings, and can also be tatting in white thread with clear seed beads for a normal snowflake.  Use gold or silver beads, or any color you like to make it if you wish.


Ruth Perry


3 Responses to “Holly Berry Snowflake”

  1. ❦TattingChic Says:

    So cute!

  2. Hope Green Says:

    This is adorable… I can see possibilities to play… and bead it… lol another of your patterns to play with.. thank you Ruth

  3. helen nelson Says:

    So gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

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