Friendship Heart 2011

Copyright (C) 2011 Ruth Perry

Copyright (C) 2011 Ruth Perry

Download the PDF file HERE —> Friendship Heart 2011 by Ruth Perry

Copyright (C) 2011 Ruth Perry

Variation of the Friendship Heart 2011


5 Responses to “Friendship Heart 2011”

  1. Michelle Vitt Says:

    I just found your website today- what a tremendous gift you have shared with tatters everywhere- thank you so much!

  2. carla macagno Says:

    Many thanks for sharing. I love very much your tatting.

  3. Tatting Me Says:

    Hi I found your site looking thru WP. I love this friendship heart and I will be making it soon. I am learning tatting and it looks very simple and thats is about all I can do right now is easy stuff…lol
    Sorry about loosing your domain name. The Russians got one of mine a while and put adult content. Many people were mad at me
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Vicki Clarke Says:

    I think I’m always asking how you hide your ends…but how did you hide you ends? There’s 2 to hide and nowhere else to stick them.

    • ruthperry Says:

      The way I hide ends, and you’re not the only one who has asked this question. The Dover Publishing editors asked me that when we did the Easy Tatting book back in the mid 90s and they had the actual tatted pieces to examine.
      I sew them into the tatting by going in between the “pants” in the DS. Through one side then the other for about 5 to 8 stitches. Then hold the tatting between thumb and finger while pulling firmly but gently on the end. This will POP the sewn in threads into the middle of the stitches beside the core thread. I over tighten, then trim close to the tatting. Finally I tug gently on the stitches until the tension is uniform, and the ends are completely hidden. If I have two ends to hide in the same place I do one from one side, and the other from the opposite side. Working one end in for about twice as many stitches as the other. After both ends are sewn in, then I pull the shorter one tight and cut it, then the other one gets pulled tight and cut. Finally I straighten the stitches as before. It works great and there is never an end in sight. Email me if you need further explanation. i can do a webinar on the technique for you.

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