Crystal tatted heart Copyright (C) 2013 Ruth Perry






CrystalHeart-smI bought a couple of crystal doughnuts while I was traveling to Canada for the Fringe element tat days.  Here is one made into an earring as a heart.

Happy Valentines Day

2 me !!!

Easy to tat.  Begin with three beads strung on the thread before winding the shuttle CTM.  Dora Young’s knotless method is used to attach the thread to the crystal.

Start at the bottom of the left longer chain 21 – 3
Join to the crystal again.  Chain 3 + 21

Join to the Crystal, Chain 5,  join to the crystal, chain 5 join to the crystal

The bottom point of the heart is Chain 5 BBB 5   The other side is a mirror image.  Tie at the beginning and then hide the ends.  Add a jump ring and earring finding.  You may use any doughnut shape or maybe a button?  Simple, but kinda pretty.  ENJOY !!!




One Response to “Crystal tatted heart Copyright (C) 2013 Ruth Perry”

  1. helenel57 Says:

    It may be simple Ruth however it is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing.

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