Tatted Easter Bunny 2013 Copyright (C) 2013 Ruth Perry

OK, I always design a new Celtic Cross for this time of year.  I don’t know what happened… I picked up my shuttles and this rabbit came out instead of a cross.  Who knew?  I guess that rabbits multiply so fast there was one just waiting to happen. Anyway, I hope you enjoy him.

Tatted Easter Bunny


3 Responses to “Tatted Easter Bunny 2013 Copyright (C) 2013 Ruth Perry”

  1. Barbara Gordon Says:

    Hi Ruth….thank you so much! I just love the tatted Easter Bunny. Easter will be here before we know it..time is going by so fast!

  2. kathy nik Says:

    VERY CUTE BUNNY and very much appreciated! Thanks so much for the pattern!

    I have to confess I haven’t mastered the weaving of the Celtic chain yets, but I think they are so appealing, and I admire your designs.

  3. Nancy L Dugas-Gilmore Says:

    I love it. Many thanks! I love it when you ‘pick up your shuttles’ and share. *smile*

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