About Ruth Perry AKA Rozella F. Linden

My name is Ruth Perry.  I have several tatting books published under the pen name Rozella Florence Linden.  Rozella was my grandmother’s name, Florence was my mother’s middle name, and Linden is my sister’s favorite tree.

We all tat, no – not tattoo, lace made with thread and a shuttle.

Here is my personal blog, not necessarily tatting related: http://ruthlessworld.wordpress.com/


15 Responses to “About Ruth Perry AKA Rozella F. Linden”

  1. Susan Richards Says:

    Hello…I’m hoping you will be able to help. I have been trying to find out where I can buy a copy of your? book ‘Celtic Tatting II – A Garden of Knots’,
    This book has a pattern for a fab tatted daffodil that I want to make. Any help appreciated…thanks…Susan

  2. Ellen Norman Says:

    Hello, Ms. Linden/Perry 🙂 I am working with your book, “Celtic Tatting,” and noticed that you will allow pieces to be made and to sell. I am currently working on Celtic Snowflake 2006 that I found surfing, and would like to know if this is also the case? Thank you for your help. Ellen

  3. pheebes Says:

    Hello, Ruth! When I was at the Palmetto Tat Days this past september, I picked up a copy of your book “Garden of Butterflies” and love it! Since then I have seen your Mariposa Salerosa Butterfly that you posted as a lesson for the Finger Lakes Tatting Conference this past April. Is that pattern available anywhere? I have inquired about purchasing the patterns presented at the FLTC, but Karey Solomon says no such booklet/CD exists. Please let me know if the pattern is available, it’s just lovely!

    • ruthperry Says:

      I did a book called Tatted Hairpin Lace Butterflies, but I need to get some printed because I am out of them right now. Check back in a few weeks and I may be able to sell you one.

  4. pheebes Says:

    Wonderful! Thanks so much!

  5. Jessica Says:

    Hi, I am from Singapore. I can tat using shuttle. I like to learn to do Celtic tatting using shuttle. I tried some but not all pattern can be done by shuttle. Can you please let me know where I can learn Celtic tatting with shuttle?
    Hope you can help

    • ruthperry Says:

      I would have to see what pattern you are trying to use to tell you what you need to do. Sometimes I use netting needles as shuttles if the space where the shuttle has to go is small.

  6. jessica Says:

    i bought one of your book Celtic tatting knots & patterns. i wanted to do the trefoil knot celtic edging. i got problem weaving with the shuttle. is there any instruction book to do shuttle celtic tatting.
    I am a experience shuttle tatter.
    what other books do you have ?
    Thank You very much

  7. Arial Says:

    Hello Ruth. I have noticed that several of your web patterns are no longer available. Specifically the ones that used to be up on a website called: rozellalinden.com . Do you have these patterns available anywhere else or are they lost forever? Guess I should have downloaded them when I had the chance. I will look here for some of your newer patterns. Playing with your patterns was always a challenge. 😀

  8. Esther Paris Says:

    Dear Ruth, Thank you again for inspiring, teaching, and donating a gorgeous necklace at Fringe in Canada last week. I truly enjoyed your Easiest Celtic Knot class. I hope you, your husband, and all of your loved ones are well. I hope you had a safe trip home. God bless, Esther Paris from Rhode Island

  9. Grace Hodgin Says:

    Hi Ruth, Georgia Seitz suggested I contact you in reference to Florida tatting groups and classes.

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